Service for Trademarks

New Application

We translate the designated goods/service into appropriate Japanese words.

We also translate the text of your mark into Japanese as needed.

We will offer a trial rate for filing a new application in Japan.*
Please use the form to obtain our quote for filing a new application.
* This offer is valid for a first-time client only. Some restrictions may apply.

Response to Provisional Refusal

When you receive a provisional refusal from the Japan Patent Office, you need to delegate an IP attorney to file a response to the provisional refusal.

We will help you overcome the provisional refusal. Please use the form to quote fees for filing a response to the provisional refusal.

Other Services

In addition, we provide the following patent services:

  • Conducting trademark search
  • Filing an opposition or an appeal to invalidate a trademark registration of others
  • Providing an expert opinion


Please feel free to contact us if you have any question on our services.

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