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Application Review Service

In order for you to evaluate the quality of your current associate law firms in Japan, we provide a unique application review service.
For this service, we reverse-translate an application filed in Japan into English at a low translation fee so that you can evaluate the accuracy and quality of the Japanese translation.

Are you sure that your current associate law firms in Japan provide high-quality service?

Not all Japanese IP firms provide high-quality service. For example, while I worked for an IP firm in the U.S., I was surprised to find that a Japanese IP firm filed a patent application without a translation of some paragraphs!
More surprisingly, this was a PCT national phase application, which requires a literal translation.
It is tragic if you use such an IP firm for your important cases.

Therefore, you should examine how your Japanese associates filed applications in Japanese BEFORE you file an important case.

We help you evaluate your associate law firms in Japan.
We review your patent application filed in Japan and compare it to your original application. We will give you an objective report, which allows you to know what your Japanese associates did.

Rejection Review Service

Do you have any Japanese application you are almost ready to abandon under the Examiner’s rejection?

If you have such a case, please let us know. We carefully review the case and find out a possible course of action.

If you do not accept our proposal and decide to abandon the application, we do not charge you for our review and proposal.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any question on our services.

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