Service for Patents

Service for Patents

New Application

We do NOT file a mere translation of your original application. We create a high-quality patent specification based on your original application.

Surprisingly, most of Japanese IP firms file a mere translation of the original application. For linguistic reasons, however, a mere translation is not enough to get a patent. For example, Japanese nouns have no plural form. Therefore, a reader cannot determine the number of elements from a mere translation.

We carefully review your original application and modify a translation into a patent specification, which defines your invention precisely.

Our specialty is mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software, network communication, and so forth.

We will offer a trial rate for filing a new application in Japan.* Please use the form to obtain our quote for filing a new application.
* This offer is valid for a first-time client only. Some restrictions may apply.

Response to Office Actions

If a Japanese application includes a mere translation of the original application, the applicant is often confronted with tough rejections raised by the Examiner. In some cases, the applicant has to abandon the application because no amendments are allowed beyond the scope of the Japanese application.

In this regard, we carefully review the original application and file an application with some appropriate modifications and additions to the original application. Therefore, we have a good chance to obtain an allowance of a patent even if the application is rejected for some reasons by the Examiner.

Additionally, with our rejection review service, we will propose a possible course of action for a case you are almost ready to abandon under the Examiner’s rejection.

Other Services

In addition, we provide the following patent services:

  • Conducting prior art search
  • Filing an opposition or an appeal to invalidate a patent of others
  • Providing an expert opinion